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19 JUNE 2017

Today, My Friend Lied

Today, my friend lied.

I know this man. I followed him around like a lost puppy when I was a young teenager. He was only a couple years older, but I wanted to be like him. I had a strong desire, later to find out a calling, to play guitar, lead worship, and teach/preach. Besides my own father, it was sparked by my friend.

I first met Randy Sutherland at a Campus Life (Youth for Christ) retreat in the mid 90’s. During that weekend he played one of my favorite songs, “Remember Your Chains” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I knew that we would become friends.

Randy took me under his wing and let a punk who couldn’t drive hang out with him, poorly strum a guitar with him, and allow me into his life. It impacted me more than he will ever know. Randy had a deep love for Jesus that I wanted and I’m thankful for his influence.

Even as years and tribulations came and went and tested our friendship, (and yes, I have plenty to be sorry for) we are still great friends to this day. The picture looks a little different. Randy and Christy have three kids, Megan and I have two, but we still manage to talk/text almost every week.

This past week I talked to Randy. I know he was busy preparing and I was overloaded with work and life. Randy is a Worship Leader. He sent me a text and I responded with four words. “You got this bro!” That’s it.

I didn’t purposely reply short. I was busy, but I knew something. I knew that God was with Randy and the message he had given him. Because I grew up spending so much time with Randy I knew who held his heart. I knew that he would share about the love of a father.

I cannot adequately put into words the message I heard. He shared his life, father’s death, Christians being hot and cold, hilarious personal stories, victories, failures, being a great father, but ultimately pointing to a Heavenly Father who sent his son Jesus. He understood the true love of a father.

Please do yourself a favor and listen to this message. I have laughed, cried, and been encouraged all in one sitting. Randy preached a great message and I believe it is a life-changing one.

So, today my friend lied. He actually can preach and it was life-changing!


Randy Sutherland preaching at Southridge Church | June 18 | Father’s Day 2017
(The message starts around the 21 minute mark.)


About The Author

Nick Fry is the Lead and Founding Pastor of Scars.Church, a new community in Huntington, West Virginia.

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